Dozer Blades for Silage, Dirt and Snow

Push, pile and perform with the class-leading features of Pitbull dozer blades. Greater blade control, easy quick attach and the most compact mounting system available make Pitbull the top dog for silage, dirt and snow applications.

Pitbull Blades are available in Four Wheel Drive Tractor Models and Front Wheel Assist Tractor Models. Built using T1 grade steel with AR400 wear points, Pitbull Blades are made in Canada and come with a 2-Year Warranty—the best in the industry.


Four Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Assist
Material Masters

Dieterman Farm Services

Missaukee County, Michigan

Keeping large-scale dairy herds healthy and productive takes a lot of feed. So when the harvest is ready, it's all hands on deck. That’s why dairy farmers in Missaukee County, Michigan call on Dieterman Farm Services and their Pitbull blade to take on the tremendous task of packing corn silage before the weather turns. Watch Pitbull Dozer Blades’ Material Masters to see how a new Pitbull blade is helping Dieterman Farms stay on top of the pile.