Dozer Blades for

Front Wheel Assist Tractors

Continuing to provide farmers across North America with the ultimate material handling dozer blade, Pitbull now offers blades designed for front wheel assist tractors. These new models offer class-leading maneuverability with Pitbull’s 8-way blade control, including forward pitch and parallel lift.

The slim design of Pitbull’s hitchless undermount bracket means no bulky lift assembly and provides optimal ground clearance, allowing full use of your tractor when the blade is detached. Pitbull blades for front wheel assist tractors are available in models designed for 100–500HP category tractors.

Pitbull Dozer Blades
New D2X

Dual Disconnect Undermount

With the introduction of the D2X Dual Disconnect Undermount, Pitbull has completely changed the way undermount systems should perform. The D2X features both blade-only coupling as well as full undermount system disconnect.


Blade Only Disconnect

Disconnecting at the blade is quick and easy, leaving the lifting assembly available for other applications and easier road travel. The lifting assembly tucks tightly against the nose of the tractor for unobstructed sightlines.

Blade-only Disconnect

Undermount Disconnect

Removing the D2X undermount is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. With the full undermount disconnected, only a few coupling brackets remain, restoring the tractor to near original condition. The front bracket accepts OEM counterweights just as before.

Undermount Disconnect

Front Axle Suspension Tractors

The D2X Undermount is also available for front axle suspension tractors.

Front Suspension Tractors

D2X Undermount

With the D2X Dual Disconnect Undermount for front axle suspension tractors, your everyday tractor can instantly transform to push and pack silage.

8–Way Blade Control

Take command and control on each pass, putting silage, dirt and snow exactly where you want it with Pitbull’s available 8-way blade control, including parallel lift and forward pitch.

Parallel Lift

Parallel Lift

Lift high and straight using Pitbull’s parallel lift design. Parallel lift keeps the blade facing the load, maintaining edge control and rolling material forward.

Forward Pitch

Forward Pitch

Gain greater edge precision with forward pitch control, tipping the blade forward for greater edge pressure and improved back dragging.

Side Angle

30° Side Angle

Move material side-to-side with the pushing strength of Pitbull’s heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for angling.

7deg Side Angle

10° Tilt

Easily shape the pile or reach low with hydraulic tilting control.


Ground Clearance

Ground Clearance

Pitbull blades allow for maximum ground clearance. Actual clearance may vary based on tractor models.

Mitered Ends

Mitered Ends

For precision dozing flush against walls when the blade is angled.

2 Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty

AMI Attachments warrants to the original purchaser all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.

Warranty Details 

Blade Illustration

LED Lights (Optional)

Don’t let darkness get in the way of working during good weather with the optional LED lighting system available on the grill extension.

Grill Extension (Optional)

Push more material without sacrificing your visual sightlines with the bolt-on height extension.

Bolt-On Extensions (Optional)

Maximize each pass with 12-inch bolt-on extensions, giving you 24 inches of extra blade width.

Bolt-On End Plates (Optional)

Attach end plates to your Pitbull Blade to achieve a higher load capacity.

Model Specifications

FWA 1030 HP Range 100-300
Mould Board Height 40" 58" with Splash Guard
Lift Height* 40" – 45"  
4-WAY FWA1030 series
ModelWidthWidth - 30° AngleWeight**
10' Blade 107" 4200 lbs
FWA10304W12 12' Blade 124" 4350 lbs
FWA10304W14 14' Blade 150" 4550 lbs
8-Way FWA1030 series
ModelWidthWidth - 30° AngleWeight**
FWA10308W10 10' Blade 107" 4450 lbs
FWA10308W12 12' Blade 124" 4550 lbs
FWA10308W12 14' Blade 150" 4650 lbs

* Lift height may vary depending on tractor model
** Weight includes silage extension and undermount

FWA 3050 HP Range 300-600
Mould Board Height 44" 62" with Splash Guard
Lift Height* 40" – 48"  
4-Way FWA3050 series
ModelWidthWidth - 30° AngleWeight**
10' Blade 107" -
FWA30504W12 12' Blade 124" -
FWA30504W14 14' Blade 150" -
FWA30504W16 16' Blade 166" -
8-Way FWA3050 series
ModelWidthWidth - 30° AngleWeight**
FWA30508W10 10' Blade 107" -
FWA30508W12 12' Blade 124" -
FWA30508W14 14' Blade 150" -
FWA30508W16 16' Blade 166" -
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